Project Description

Perhaps nothing is more important to education than imagination. The amazing Lexi Walker and the fantastical Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove Utah helped us tell the story of just a handful of ways you can use imagination. The hammock, drawing, and reading footage was all filmed in conductor Kayson Brown’s backyard! The bunny you see under the hammock is actually a wild rabbit that just showed up under the apricot tree. This version of Pure Imagination was arranged especially for Lexi by Kayson while Lexi was attending American Heritage School. It’s now featured on the Philharmonic’s “ask” album. The whole point is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in youth and maybe highlight a few ways to spark imagination that don’t include screens. We want to direct a student’s imagination through the prism of knowledge into a future that only the student will one day see.  As music educators, we feel that it is our sacred right and privilege to nurture the God-given imagination present in every child.