Project Description

One Nation and its companion piece The Price of Freedom are part of who we are as an organization. During a time when our country’s youth hear an increasingly divisive and uncivil discourse, we find patriotism through performing works like One Nation. American Heritage School, with generous support from the GFC Foundation, commissioned Rob Moffat and Rob Gardner to write this unique work to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. It has been performed several times across three states by our youth. Most recently it was performed in February of 2021 when our nation was struggling like has seldom been seen in a generation. Amidst the divisiveness of race riots, hate speech, and the death of George Floyd, our musicians were playing music about Abe Lincoln, emancipation, and the Civil War. It was a way that we could heal and process without getting caught in the traps of modern-day politics. We are so grateful to finally have a full concert video and accompanying album on streaming of this important and moving work performed here by a cast of professionals and our youth.

Stream the album on all major services: or see the expanded description to skip to your favorite song!

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