Project Description

In the Spring of 2016, Temple Square Performances called our office to check our availability for a concert for the upcoming Fall on Temple Square. We wanted to invite Paul Cardall to join us knowing the spirit and healing that is everywhere in his music. When we first spoke to Paul we had no idea that the “One by One” project was in the works. It was nothing short of divine intervention to bring together so many in such a significant way. This piece was like nothing we had ever seen from Paul, the orchestration by Marshall McDonald was a challenging and almost cinematic. It included SATB and Children’s Choir plus the amazing tenor Nathan Pacheco. We felt especially honored to bring to life the lyrics penned by LDS Apostle Elder David A. Bednar which testify to personal nature of Christ’s ministry. In a matter of weeks, we were recording the track for his new album, A New Creation,which debuted at the top of the charts nationwide! The concert on Temple Square was attended by a capacity crowd of more than 5,000 on two nights and the video we hope will reach millions more.

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