Project Description

In October of 2017 our students had the extraordinary opportunity to be a part of a worldwide broadcast for youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This broadcast was sent to every corner of the globe in an effort to inspire youth with uplifting music. All the performers, including the hosts, were youth. It was an amazing example of youth inspiring youth — addressing problems that today’s youth are facing and getting help from their own peers. Of course, it helped that these youth were some amazingly talented performers from across the world there to share their talents. Nicole Luz flew in from Brazil, Patch Crowe was freshly returned from serving a mission in Australia, Madilyn Paige of “The Voice” had just returned from an Asian tour, and of course our very own Lexi Walker headlined the group. One of the takeaways for us as an ensemble was this quote from the 15 year-old Lexi Walker, “The only ‘like’ that matters, the only view that counts, is God’s.”

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